Feminine sensitivity

07 Mar 2009 - 05 Apr 2009

Jeong Ho Park and Saerom Park

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.” William Blake (1757-1827), Notes on the Laocoön.

This exhibition features two Korean artists in whose work the female body occupies an important place. In Korean society, female sexuality and nudity are something hidden. The older and the younger generations show quite different attitudes towards such nudity. Well known print artist Jeong Ho Park and young photo artist Saerom Park approach femininity and its sensitive beauty from a different perspective based on their gender and generation. Jeong Ho Park expresses his adoration of femininity and interpretation of his desire as a man. Saerom Park, as a young woman, shows her desire of herself and obsession for beauty from a female perspective.

Jeong Ho Park (1958) uses his skill in making black and white mezzotint prints for referring to the beauty and sensitiveness of the female body. He accomplishes the seductive body like a velvety skin and smooth curve on a dark background, floating in the absolute dark night with moonlight emphasizing the softness. Saerom Park (1982) places herself in the image of a water bottle creating the tranquil sexuality. Her obsession to the water bottle is to show her desire to be wanted and to be attractive to others. The transparent image of herself makes her like a nymph emphasizing the purity of the image. This exhibition is the first to bring work by both artists to the Netherlands. It was created in collaboration with Yoshiko Matsumoto Gallery.

Exhibition Details

Edward Pranger Oriental Art Gallery
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 53
1017 DD Amsterdam

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