Pan Amsterdam 2008

23 Nov 2008 - 30 Nov 2008

PAN Amsterdam

You can be very focused when you look. Clocks, barometers, manuscripts. You can be very focused when you buy. Oriental art, miniatures, ceramics. But you can also let yourself be led, tempted by the astonishing diversity into taking the broad view of pAn. Then you will discover that beauty really is timeless. A Jugendstil vase can be as beautiful in absolute terms as a Madonna from seventeenth-century Russia. A recent photograph can say as much as a lyrical painting by one of the Romantics. And more than that—it could well be that you buy a nineteenth-century tapestry and combine it with a contemporary installation, a painting of the Hague School and a medieval cupboard, while your partner wears a brooch made of wire and silver, or a Tiffany ring. It’s all about how open you are.

Art and Antiques Fair pAn Amsterdam is the art and antiques fair for today. For beginners and for experts. For seekers and finders. The quality is beyond question because seventeen committees vet everything.

Exhibition Details

Amsterdam RAI-Parkhal
Europaplein 8
1078 GZ Amsterdam