Xiao Feng

The paintings of Xiao Feng consist of an abstract composition that's overall effect plays with the fall and illusion of light and reflection. As a general compositional feature, his works contain a white or black rectangular plain that is interpreted as a window. As well as this, a compositional feature showing a shadow projection is assumed to have been a result of the rectangular source. In other words his works show a relationship between a source of light and light fall passing either through emptiness or upon a hard surface.

Using this formula, Feng is able to explore creating illusions of three dimensional forms. However, it is not normally clear where his compositions stand in relation to one another. One might wonder if the rectangular light source is set in front of the red background as well as wonder if it recedes into it. In conclusion, one can never have an accurate judgment of his paintings which, as a consequence, produce various interesting aesthetic results when encountered.

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Xiao Feng

Works - Biography

Chinese Shadow Butterfly 2

150.00 x 125.00 cm
Oil on canvas