Wei Guangqing

In the 1990s Wei Guangqing became one of the most well-known 'political Pop artists'. His work adopts a flat and symbolic composition, linking traditional ethics and modern culture. “Red Wall” is a symbolic work of pop art, using the traditional woodcarving-illustration prints and stories, through the process of Pop, to imply the various meanings of contemporary private and secular life. Wei Guangqing includes the contradictions of tradition and modernity by using a language related to cartoons and comic strips. His color palette consists of strong, often complementary colors. The artist creates a historical-ethical Pop with regional significance and uses the age-old tradition as a metaphor for today’s world. Wei Guangqing was one of the main members of the “85’s New Wave Art Movement”.

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Wei Guangqing

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Made in China No. 12

120.00 x 295.00 cm
Acrylic on canvas