Cao Dan

Cao Dan's work epitomises and celebrates the modern day woman through medium, colour, shape and form. Each of his works are a collage of bright colours taking the shape of either a female foot and stylish shoe or part of a female figure. His work combines the two mediums fine art and photography. By combining these mediums Dan achieves colourful compositions which in one regard capture something similar to a heat senisitive snap-shot; but still are kept within the boundaries of fine art.

This style effectively demonstrates the subject matter for Cao Dan's art. An elegant foot with high heel or a face of an attractive, anonymous woman are obvious symbols of femininity in an alluring and desirable sense. One could suggest that the 'heat sensitive' snap-shot quality of his work is an indication towards heated temperatures reached when experiencing a state of lustful desire. With this in mind, it is no wonder why these paintings are entitled 'Gorgeous Ladies'.

The painting seen above clearly shows a heeled foot with legs crossed over seated on the floor. Unlike some of Dan's other compositions, this painting clearly displays what the image is. The composition is such that the viewer's eyes are led up the leg from the foot. The back ground behind is not clear to make out which suggests attention is to be given fully to the shapely legs on display. Colour has been chosen carefully to emphasise shape and form of the legs and shoe. Without much need to shade in areas the image clearly shows the roundness and form of the body.

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Cao Dan

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Gorgeous ladies No 3

65.00 x 60.00 cm