Cao Dan

Cao Dan work epitomises and celebrates the modern day woman through medium, colour, shape and form. Each of his works are a collage of bright colours taking the shape of either a female foot and stylish shoe or part of a female figure. His work combines the two mediums fine art and photography. By combining these mediums Dan achieves colourful compositions which in one regard capture something similar to a heat sensitive snap-shot; but still are kept within the boundaries of fine art.

This style effectively demonstrates the subject matter for Cao Dan's art. An elegant foot with high heel or a face of an attractive, anonymous woman are obvious symbols of femininity in an alluring and desirable sense. One could suggest that the 'heat sensitive' snap-shot quality of his work is an indication towards heated temperatures reached when experiencing a state of lustful desire. With this in mind, it is no wonder why these paintings are entitled 'Gorgeous Ladies'.

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Cao Dan

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Gorgeous ladies No 7 Modern Chinese Art

97.00 x 80.00 cm