Cao Dan's work epitomises and celebrates the modern day woman through medium, colour, shape and form. Each of his works are a collage of bright colours taking the shape of either a female foot and stylish shoe or part of a female figure. His work combines the two mediums fine art and photography. By combining these mediums Dan achieves colourful compositions which in one regard capture something similar to a heat sensitive snap-shot; but still are kept within the boundaries of fine art.

In Cao Dan's series 'Butterfly Chinese' colour compostion creates a sense of movement similar to that seen on the many colours of butterflies fluttering through air. On first looking, the images look a collage of colour but, after further observation, faces within the collage become recognisable and appear. Rather than as a heat senisitive snap-shot effect, colour is treated in the Butterfly Chinese series to enhance movement and shape form. Shapes seem to be pieced together in an abstract collage which gives each painting not only an unique balance but, in some cases, forms a female face or figure.

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Cao Dan

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Butterfly Chinese File No. 5

150.00 x 130.00 cm
Mixed media on canvas