Fan Anxiang Biography

  • 1975 Born in Honghu, Hubei Province * 1998 BFA, Hubei Normal University, Fine Art Department, Wuhan, China * 2005 MFA, Hubei Art Academy, Wuhan, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions* 2007 “Impress of the time”, Ming Art Gallery, Factory 798, Beijing, China* 2007 “Covered with Trees, Covered with Grasses,” Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, ChinaSelected Group Exhibitions* 2007 “Art Now Shanghai”, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Shanghai, China* 20074th China International Gallery Exhibition, Beijing, China * 2007 “Art Taipei 2007”, Taipei, Taiwan * 2007 “Wuhan! Wuhan!”, Wuhan Contemporary Art Exhibition 2007, Nanjing, China* 2007 “New Youth Exhibition 2007”, Wuhan, China * 2006 First Hubei Provincial Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, Wuhan, China * 2006 “Naughtiness”, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China * 2006 “Luo Zhongli Scholarship Exhibition”, Chongqing, Beijing, China * 2005 “Visual Flare”, Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China * 2005 “Futuristic Archaeology”, Second China Art Triennale, Nanjing, China * 2005 Ganglong Airline New Artist Feiyang Award, Shanghai, China* 2004 Tenth Hubei Art Exhibition, Wuhan, Award of Excellence, Wuhan, China

Fan Anxiang

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